About Us

group of kids playingBright Minds Daycare LLC provides reliable daycare services to the families at Floral Park, New York and surrounding areas. We are a licensed daycare and we are proud to say that we are trusted by many families within the community. We are able to acquire this level of trust with our consistent services and excellent customer care.

At Bright Minds Daycare LLC, we endeavor to provide care and education to children. Also, we seek to provide constant support for parents who need our services. After all, we know that parents are constantly looking for people that they can entrust their child with and that is what we are here for. With our attentive, experienced, and patient staff, you can rest your mind knowing that your child is being well taken care of under our care.

At Bright Minds Daycare LLC, we recognize that each child is different. This is why we focus on each child carefully and we do our best to cater to every child’s individual needs. If you have any more questions about us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 516-303-6141 or by sending us a message at kassandrapersaud@gmail.com.

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