two girls studyingAt Bright Minds Daycare LLC, we are also proud to offer our Kindergarten program. Catering to children in the kindergarten age, we prepare your child for higher education while allowing them to have fun at the same time. We do so by providing them with an “active learning” based curriculum. Basically, we provide your child with hands-on and direct experience with events, objects, and people. We are aiming that all of these will further enhance their learning experience.

With our Kindergarten program at Bright Minds Daycare LLC, we endeavor to teach your child a wide variety of things. We look forward to helping them: develop pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-writing skills; develop an awareness of their environment; learn to follow instructions; learn manners and personal grooming; learn discipline and self-control; and much more!

We would be happy to accommodate your enrollment inquiries! Come visit our facility or give us a call at 516-303-6141 for details. You can also e-mail us at

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