young boy playing aloneIf you are unable to watch over your young toddler during the day due to your other responsibilities, don’t worry! At Bright Minds Daycare LLC, we offer our Toddler Care program that caters to infants or young toddlers below 24 months old. We have an organized, age-appropriate schedule for them throughout the day.

With our Toddler Care program, our caregivers can even help your child practice their motor skills such as crawling, rolling, sitting, walking, and much more! Of course, we also make sure that they are fed throughout the day and that they are able to get their rest and naps. All in all, Bright Minds Daycare LLC strives to provide a well-organized day full of fun and learning for your child!

For additional information, please don’t think twice about reaching out to us. Simply dial 516-303-6141 or message us at

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